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It seems that is offering the CCNA:Voice track videos free of charge!

Thas is great new for everybody, and i always wanted to take a look at their videos, as they are pretty good.

Here is the link to the free CCNA videos: link


Have fun!

Basics for managing a Linux system


Linux administration activities are similar to any Unix system.
The important components are hardware device administration, files system, users administration, programs packs administration, services administration, system security ensuring and automation tasks.

Most of system administrator interactions with Linux operating system will be done through the command line interface (shell) and text configuration files.

The components of a GNU / Linux / Distributions

An GNU/Linux operating system consists of core (kernel), Linux and applications running over it.
One of the most significant application is the command interpreter (the shell). On most of Linux distributions the shell is Bash.
The shell acts as an intermediary between user and core. The shell transforms users command in to process which is using the core to complete a task.


Fortigate Directory Services Authentication

The Fortinet Firewall is capable of integrating with the Microsoft Active directory.

It can use the following Methods:

I. Fortigate FSAE/FSSO

This feature provides a transparent authentication for the users.


In the older version you can fin it named as FortinetFSAE, but in the new versions it appears are Fortinet FSSO.

The Fortigate FSAE/FSSO is composed of the following 2 softwares:

1. Domain Controller Agent

This software monitors the user login. This software is deployed on the Domain Controllers of the users domain. You can find it in C:\Windows\System32\dcagent.dll


Fortigate IPS

Fortigate IPS – Intrusion Prevention System

IPS is a way to stop malicious users to attack your Server/PCs by using exploits or any other kind of attacks.

The IPS from the Fortigate uses the following 2 to help you prevent attacks:

1. Protocol Decoders – are used to define abnormal traffic

2. Signatures – it uses already defined signatures to catch malicious traffic.


IPS Sensor


Fortigate and WCCP

Web Cache Communication Protocol – WCCP
Fortigate is compatible with WCCP protocol version 2 and can be configured on the Fortinet Firewall to optimize web traffic.


WCCP architecture

1. Routers (responsible for redirecting to the WCCP Server)

2. Web Cache – cluster of server

3. Service Groups – this is used to identify sensitive traffic and encapsulates methods between endpoints in the config.



Fortigate Traffic Optimization

Fortigate is capable of Traffic Optimization, isn’t that cool ?

The following are the things that can affect the Network and Application Performance

1. Bandwidth

2. Latency

3. Throughput

4. Congestion

5. Packet Loss


The Fortinet Firewall is capable of dealing with all of them by using WAN Optimization Technique:

1. Protocol Optimization

2. Byte Caching

3. Web Caching

4. Transparent proxy


1. Protocol Optimization

It’s an application technique to improve performance of HTTP, CIFS, FTP, MAPI and TCP protocol traffic.

I guess you know all of them except CIFS. This is a common internet file system protocol – provides file access, recoring, change notification etc


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