How to Pass Fortinet FCNSA

I thought it would be useful to list all my posts that are related to the Fortinet exam called FCNSA.

Here are my FCNSA Notes:

1. Fortigate Default Settings

2. Fortigate Default Protection Profiles

3. Fortigate Logging and Alerts 

4. Fortigate Antivirus and Antispam 

5. Fortigate service – Fortiguard 

6. Fortigate Authentication

7. Fortigate Antivirus

8. Fortigate Web Filtering 


Hope this helps you guys as it helped me passing my FCNSA exam.




9 Responses to “ “How to Pass Fortinet FCNSA”

  1. Andy S says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Can you suggest me material for FNSA exam? any advice? Thank’s for your posts about Fortigate.

  2. sahil says:

    Hi Daniel,

    thanks for the valuable post.

    but i want to know the name of the book you used I have checked on Flipkart there is one book available with them,
    Utm Security with Fortinet: Mastering Fortiosby Ken McAlpine

    if you have used this book please reply me on the following email id so that I can buy the book.

    thanks again for the valuable post.

  3. Lucas Dias says:

    How to Pass Fortinet FCNSP???

    Hi Andy. I Lucas. I’m from Brazil and sorry for my English =)

    I’m studying from to pass Fortinet FCNSP. I Liked of the your “how to” about Fortinet FCNSA.

    When you going to make a how to about Pass Fortinet FCNSP?
    When you will make another “how to” about pass Fortinet FCNSP?

    I believe that your hints will help me.


  4. Max says:

    Hi guys!
    precious post, thanks a lot but…

    someone have official course book to share?
    please contact me to

    my FCNSA & FCNSP exam are really close!

  5. jubran haddad says:

    Dear Daniel ,

    how are you hope that everything is good with you

    i’m a beginner in fortinet and i know a little bit about it and there is a company i hope to work with need a certification in fortinet so i need to get this course and to pass the exam as soon as i can please let me know if you can help me

    many thanks in advance

    warm regards
    jubran haddad

  6. santosh says:

    i am giving FCNSP.if you have any docs please share me at santosh

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