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Fortigate FortiOS 5 preview


I have found the following video on Youtube that presents the FortiOS 5 in 5 minutes.

The new features look really good.

Check it out:

What do you think?!

New look

Changed the theme of the blog. You like ? 🙂


Thinking of creating a forum as i think it is highly needed for Fortigate firewall and other niche devices like Riverbed.


What do you think?

ipSpace Forum ?

Hi Guys,


I was thinking of creating a forum for Fortigate/Riverbed or any other IT issues ?


What do you think ?



Twitter Account



I just created a Twitter Account. You can find me here.


Follow me for great Networking and Security News.

Bruce Schneier: The security mirage



I have found a great video that i find really interesting.


Hope you enjoy  it:

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